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About us

Cockburn School of Music was founded by passionate music teacher Tash Ewart. Through her experience and knowledge, the aim is to promote and encourage the learning of a musical instrument in a positive and fun environment.

our values

These are simple – just remember PIANO!


All of our students deserve to receive tuition from the best music teachers available. This is why Cockburn School of Music select music teachers who are passionate about not only their teaching subject, but how best to connect with the student to maximise learning, as always, in a fun way.


Influence from all caregivers is crucial. A positive and caring influence from us to our students will help develop skills musically, emotionally and intellectually which builds confidence in not only the music world, but in life and personal growth! This is why our teachers are committed to find new and exciting ways to keep their students motivated to learn and grow.


At Cockburn School of Music when building our students to become well rounded musical professionals, we like to not only learn basic music elements such as technique, sight reading and aural skills but also music appreciation and history. It is important to know big musicians started right where you are today. As they say “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and neither were the Artists you love to listen to, the ones you relax to, dance to or sing in the car to.


When starting out in music, you may not always find what suits you first hand. Just because the Violin, or the Guitar or even the Tambourine doesn’t work for you, don’t think that your musical passion is blitzed! Just like learning to crawl, taking those first steps or speaking that first word, music is just the same, but each time you listen to your favourite artist, try that instrument you have always wanted to try, or step foot into the music world, you won’t know. Music makes the world go round, it adds beats to our step, it increases serotonin and just simply makes you feel good – so anything that feels THIS good – can’t make you fail – at Cockburn School of Music – we believe in Never-Failing.


Our teachers get out of bed every day because they believe in learning through opportunity, and everyone deserves opportunity in their day to enhance their self confidence, build their drive and allow different ways to engage in fun and new ways of learning, Music is shown to improve cognitive skills and even increase IQ in both children and adults! What better way to make us smarter?! We provide as many opportunities for students as possible, including exams, performances, recordings, song-writing among many others.

meet Tash

A little bit about me...

I’m from a picturesque, little village in the UK where music has always been a huge part of life. I showed an early interest in music, trying to follow in the footsteps of my sister. Not only did I make fantastic, life-long friends through music, but it taught me so much about myself and how to use music as an escape. I’ve taken ABRSM exams in 6 different instruments, toured within Europe with a Wind Orchestra, and been teaching and inspiring others for over 13 years.
Fun fact: I competed nationally in trampolining for many years!

It’s easy to play any musical instrument: all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself.” – Johann Sebastian Bach.

music lessons

 At Cockburn School of Music we believe private tuition provides a more personal and in depth way of learning.

Our classes are educational and engaging, with our learning books being something you and your children will not want to put down! Gone are the days of black and white reading books, we learn with colour, pictures and laughter!! 

Our lessons are suitable for anybody who wants to learn and shows a passion for music and are held in 30 minute intervals; longer lessons can be requested if need be.

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