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individual MUSIC LESSONS


Piano for perfect pitch!

Piano lessons on our beautiful Yamaha upright piano for students learning just for fun, or for ABRSM exams.

Saxophone steals show!

If a brassy sound that can make jazz, pop or rock sound saxy is what you’re after – you’ve come to the right place!

Clarinet is where it's at!

Without clarinets, life would Bb! Clever clarinet joke. But seriously, if you’d like to be as cool as a clarinet, give us a call.

Guitar galore!

Guitar is such a popular instrument choice, and it’s no wonder – it really rocks! “The guitar has a kind of grit and excitement compared to nothing else” – Brian May from Queen. 

Singing for the soul!

We believe everyone should learn to sing – you always have your instrument with you for a start, so practicing is never an issue. “The only thing better than singing is more singing” – Ella Fitzgerald.


All ages welcome.

Our lessons are all individual so catered to any age and ability or special need. We generally start tuition at the age of 4 and can teach adults up to 104!

frequently asked questions

My child has a learning difficulty. Are lessons suitable?

Absolutely! As our lessons are individual, we cater each lesson to every individual and their specific needs and goals.

It is important parents disclose as much information as possible during the enrolment process, as this helps our staff to fully prepare for lessons.

Our staff have an abundance of experience working with different special needs students and always continue to research the best teaching methods to make sure each student fully understands the content, whilst having fun at the same time.

Do I need to buy an instrument for my child?

Not necessarily. When learning a new instrument, it is sometimes best to hire that instrument for the first few months. This way, you and your child are sure that they are going to continue and you can look into purchasing your own instrument. Let us know if you are interested in hiring or purchasing an instrument as we can organise this for you.

My child’s never had music lessons before, will they cope?

As the lessons are only 30 minutes in duration, most children can cope very well. Having one-on-one attention helps a great deal. As students will be fully engaged with the fun learning environment, most children won’t see it as daunting or lengthy, just another fun activity in their week.

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